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Toor dal tadka

A dhal dish from the SBS Food Safari.

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Palak Paneer

Another recipe from the SBS Food Safari.

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Lamb Rogan Josh

This recipe is from the Food Safari program on SBS. Can’t wait to try it – this is my favourite Indian dish.

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Coconut and Passionfruit Self-Saucing Pudding

Serve this delicious dessert from with vanilla custard.

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Roast vegetables with couscous

This recipe is from the super foodideas magazine. You can either use the veges listed below for roasting or throw in your favourites instead.

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Zurii Gschnetzlets

Another classic Swiss recipe from mum.

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Knoeplis or Spaetzlis

A classic Swiss recipe and family favourite courtesy of my mum.

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Chilli Lamb with cashews

Another recipe from the Johnson cookbook which I’m sure to like: chilli and cashews, yum!

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Stir fry

A flexible recipe for a simple stir fry from the Johnson cookbook.

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Chicken Curry

Any vegetables can be used and pumpkin and chickpeas can be used in place of chicken. Another Johnson cookbook recipe.

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