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These can be cooked in the oven, fyrpan or on the BBQ and can be frozen either raw or cooked. Another recipe from the Johnson cookbook.

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Corned Beef

This is one of my favourite’s from the Johnson cookbook.

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Broccoli lemon pasta

One of my current favourite meals. So easy to make, healthy and tasty too.

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Grandma Westmoreland's scones

These are Gramma Westy’s legendary scones, which she used to make at least twice a week, and always if there were guests for morning tea.

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Banana bread

A good way to get rid of bananas when they are too ripe for eating. You could also make banana cookies.

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Traditional Lasagne

One of my all time favourites. Great to freeze for later. If you don’t have time to cook and eat it in the one night, make more bolognese sauce and serve over pasta while your lasagne cooks. Then you can serve it up the next day for lunch or dinner. These quantities make a large family sized dish.

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Minstrone soup from the Women’s Weekly Original Cookbook. Great for a cold day.

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Orange / lemon poppyseed muffins

Quick and easy to prepare muffins.

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Garlic green beans

A simple way to serve steamed green beans.

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To make buttermilk to use in baking…

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