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Paleo detox: days 6-10

So it’s the second week coming up shortly and this detox all still seems pretty easy 🙂

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Paleo detox: days 1-5

Ok, so here goes. Time to detox for the start of 2014. It helps I’m a little hung over from my New Years Day party. Making up for that should keep me on track for the first few days anyway. Wish me luck!

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Paleo detox for January

So, the idea behind this 30 day detox diet is to remove processed foods from your diet and go back to eating what people ate back in the palaeolithic era. So that basically means eating meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit and most nuts. This is supposed to “reset” your metabolism, and help you to overcome food cravings, show you how easy it can be to eat better and when you re-introduce foods back in to your diet you can see how you react to them in order to decide if you want to keep eating them or not.

What does eating paleo involve?

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Banana and Pear Parcels

A little something sweet Suzie and I whipped up for desserts for a Christmas party.

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Apple pastries

A yummy vegan dessert. Delicious served with soya custard – try it! It’s better than standard dairy custard (I promise ;).

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Artichoke and green olive vegetable pizza

This recipes make 3-4 small pizzas.

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Beetroot dip

A simple, tasty dip that makes a nice alternative to hummus.

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French Onion Soup

Delicious French classic served with cheesy bread.

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Going vegan for November

World Vegan MonthNovember is world vegan month, so I’m having a go at giving up dairy, eggs and meat for one month. My exceptions will be eating out, or when I travel overseas – different rules in different postcodes 😉 – although I’ll try to stay vegetarian on these occasions. Every little bit helps right?

I’ve pledged to be completely vegan for the first 7 days of November!

You can make your own 7 or 30 day pledge.

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Magda’s creamy vegetable soup

A tasty vegetarian soup.

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