Here are some of the staple meals I’ll call on during my paleo detox in February. I’m being a little less strict this time around by eating mustard (yeah I know it has preservatives), some deli meats and if I get sick of eating so much meat and seafood I’m going to allow myself to eat the pulses on the vegetarian paleo plan, such as lentils, which means my yummy lentil spinach red curry is back in if I need it. The hardest part will be not eating dairy for a month.


  • scrambled eggs with a selection of spring onion, cherry tomatoes (halved), leek,
  • mushrooms, baby spinach, olives, herbs topped with Frank’s hot sauce
  • eggy muffins
  • Boiled egg seasoned with salt and pepper
  • Tomato concass√© with poached eggs
  • Breakfast smoothies, made with my new nutribullet
    • orange, carrot and ginger juice
    • frozen mixed berries with almond milk
    • banana and pear with nutmeg and cinnamon
    • grape juice
  • orange and apple juice
  • coffee!!
  • Earl Grey tea with almond milk

Lunches and dinners

  • Creamy vegetable soup (without the creme fraiche – it’s still creamy)
  • bolognese sauce or chilli con carne, served:
    • on courgette spaghetti
    • inside baked sweet potato
    • stuffed in whole roasted bell peppers
    • stuffed in lettuce leaves
  • Courgette spaghetti with capers, lemon juice and garlic
  • steamed greens and vinegrette (no mozzarella or cottage cheese)
  • chicken soup
  • vegetable soups, like:
    • asparagus soup
    • courgette soup
    • roasted courgette and aubergine soup
    • mixed vegetable soup
  • beef stew (without the red wine)
  • bora bora balls
  • roast chicken, beef and lamb with vegetables
  • lamb agnou
  • Thai red vegetable curry served over cauliflower fried rice with brunswick ham, prawns and egg
  • Prawn and vegetable laksa
  • Baked lemon fish with lemon, garlic vegetables
  • Salads with prawns, tuna, chicken, lamb, beef, brunswick ham, egg, nuts and seeds with a vinegrette dressing

Dinners with pulses (vege Paleo style)

  • Lentil and spinach red curry


  • cornichons / pickled cucumbers
  • olives stuffed with garlic
  • bora bora balls
  • eggy muffins
  • nakd bars
  • prawns with lemon juice and Frank’s hot sauce


  • fruit
  • grape juice
  • frozen banana smoothie
  • frozen berry smoothie
  • nakd bar
  • herbal tea

eating out

  • bunless burgers
  • grilled fish
  • steak
  • salad sans dressing (vinegar & olive oil instead)

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