Artichokes are great as a snack, served warm with lemon juice dressing. This recipe is from Fresh For Kids!


To pick the best of us select small to medium, compact, bright green, plump globes that feel heavy for their size. Large artichokes tend to be a little tougher and have less flavour than the smaller ones.
Store unwashed in plastic bags in the crisper section of the refrigerator. Will keep for approximately two weeks.


  • 1 artichoke
  • lemon juice
  • butter or olive oil


To prepare artichoke, cut off the stem and remove any tough outer leaves. Cut the top 20mm off and trim tips of remaining leaves. Cook whole, by boiling or steaming for 20-40 minutes or microwaving for 4-8 minutes depending on size. Drain. Remove choke. Serve hot with melted butter and lemon juice or cold with favourite salad dressing. Simply remove leaves by pulling downwards. Dip in sauce and pull leaves through teeth to remove flesh. Eat remaining artichoke with extra sauce if required.


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