About me

Hi! I’m Jess Gramp. A Digital Education Advisor from Australia now living in London since 2008. Read my Curriculum Vitae (updated March 2019).

I’m a Senior Fellow of the Higher Education Academy with a background in web development and have been working to support the use of technology in educational institutions since 2004. I’m particularly interested in e-assessment, accessibility, digital scholarship and learning analytics. Recent projects include leading the development of UCL’s E-Learning Baseline and helping to establish the UCL E-Learning Champions’ Network and UCL Student Blog.

I also initiated the development of an open source Moodle plugin called MyFeedback, that is now being used by students and staff across UCL to help them compare their assessment feedback.

When I first moved to London, I struggled to find out what I needed to do to set up my new life in the UK. I’ve put together a blog to give advice to others who are moving to the UK from other parts of the world, with tips on what to do before you get here, when you arrive and how to make the most out of your time here, whether you are visiting, using it as a base to travel Europe or living here full-time. Check out

I also like to cook and when I left Australia, I sadly had to leave behind a lot of my favourite cook books. So I now put my favourite recipes online. You can find these on my recipe blog:
Bird twittering

Follow me on Twitter @jgramp.

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