So, the idea behind this 30 day detox diet is to remove processed foods from your diet and go back to eating what people ate back in the palaeolithic era. So that basically means eating meat, seafood, vegetables, fruit and most nuts. This is supposed to “reset” your metabolism, and help you to overcome food cravings, show you how easy it can be to eat better and when you re-introduce foods back in to your diet you can see how you react to them in order to decide if you want to keep eating them or not.

What does eating paleo involve?

In a nutshell it means:
No dairy
No grains
No alcohol
No legumes (except snow peas/ mange tout & green beans)
No white potatoes (use sweet potatoes instead)
No soy
No peanuts
No sugars or sweeteners
Nothing artificial – if you don’t understand an ingredient on the label then leave it out

So what meals can you make?

Scrambled eggs with ham, mushrooms, cherry tomatoes, spring onions, pepper and chillies
Avacado with lemon juice, salt and roasted cherry tomatoes, with herbed sautéed mushrooms
Ham and eggs
Boiled eggs with salt
Eggs with bubble & squeak
Fruit salad
Banana with coconut cream?
Banana with desicated coconut
Poached eggs with pesto, roasted tomatoes and asparagus

Lunches & Dinners
Cauliflower egg fried rice with vegetables
Bora-bora (pork & pineapple) balls with steamed Broccoli
Courgette spaghetti with bolognese – tomato sauce, mushrooms, onion, chillies
Courgette spaghetti with char-grilled peppers, onions and tomatoes
Steamed fish with fresh green beans and roasted cherry tomatoes
Chicken salad with radishes and roasted peppers
Roasted sweet potato chips with baked salmon
Baked sweet potato filled with herbed sautéed mushrooms, roasted cherry tomatoes, char-grilled peppers and pesto sauce.
Baked pesto fish with steamed green beans and a green salad
Thai red curry with chicken or beef, onion, mushrooms
Stir fried chicken or beef with bok choy, mange tout, red onions, mushrooms, cashews and coconut aminos (a soy sauce substitute I’ve failed to find thus far)
Roast chicken with mayonnaise, celery, peppers, carrots and cucumber spears
Spicy Thai pumpkin soup with coconut milk
Beef stew with carrots, celery, onions, mushrooms
Chicken soup
Vegetable soup (with meatballs?) with carrots, sweet potato, onion, herbed sautéed mushrooms, tomatoes
Roasted leeks and courgettes stuffed with herbed mushrooms, cherry tomatoes and chopped cashews
Chicken Caesar salad with Mayo, free range sugar-free bacon, cherry tomatoes, boiled eggs
Sweet potato salad with boiled eggs, bacon, celery and home made mayo?
Mushroom (and beef) soup? – with onions
Spicy Thai mushroom soup
Tomato soup
Spicy Thai cream of tomato soup
Pesto chicken with sweet potato mash
Mashed sweet potato and carrot with pesto
Free range chicken thighs baked in tinned tomatoes with basil, served with baked veg (carrots, courgettes, sweet potato, pumpkin, spring onions)
Chicken & beef Roasts with roast veg
Chilli & garlic Prawns & calamari with sautéed spinach and mange tout
Roasted mushrooms stuffed with cashews, spinach and cherry tomatoes
Pistachio dukkah – coriander seeds, cumin seeds, pistachios, hazelnuts, sesame seeds, sea salt flakes – served with lightly steamed asparagus spears

Cucumber salad with coconut aminos dressing
Tomato salad with coconut aminos dressing
Green salad with seeds
Boiled egg
Roasted pumpkin seeds
Cashews and dried fruit (in moderation)
Banana rolled in coconut
Celery, carrots, cucumber spears with home made mayo
Mushroom salad?
Grilled / fried pumpkin, sweet potato, courgette crisps
Cauliflower hummus
Beetroot dip (with cashews)
Babaganoush -egg plant
Fried veg patties (with egg) – sesame seeds or coconut flour can help keep them together
Cucumber, red & yellow cherry tomato, basil & red onion salad
Beetroot & walnut salad with baby spinach, watercress and rocket

Eating out
Chicken or beef salad with dressing on the side
Thai curry with no rice
Stir fry with no rice
Scrambled eggs / omelette with no cheese
Grilled fish & veg (no potatoes)

Shopping Essentials
Olive oil
Avocado oil
Coconut oil
Coconut milk
Coconut aminos (soy sauce substitute)
Home made mayo
Free range, organic eggs
Free range ham
Free range, organic chicken
Beef roast
Cherry tomatoes
Bok choy
Red onion
Spring onion
Brown onion
Food processor (for mixing and chopping) or hand-held blender
garlic press
Fresh chilli’s
Fresh herbs (basil, parsley, coriander)
Diced coconut
Green and black teas
Sweet potato
Thai red curry paste

Is chicken salt ok? No
Is spicy sauce ok? Yes, Frank’s RedHot Original Cayeene Pepper Sauce has no sugar and tabasco sauce is also fine. You can pick these up from larger supermarkets, including Waitrose. from Waitrose
Is Maggi seasoning ok? No 🙁
Are carrots ok? Yes, eat as many as you like. They’re great raw with dip, grated into salads and spaghetti bolognese and roasted.
Dried fruits? Yes, in moderation.
HP sauce? No. It has sugar.

If I break the rules when it comes to drinking I’ll have:
Vodka, fresh lime & soda
1 glass of red wine

When I finish I’ll have:
Herbed French cream cheese
Red wine
Lentil stew
Ryveta with cottage cheese & capers
Lower fat salt & vinegar crisps from M&S

Bring it on! 😀 I’ll keep you posted on how I go and post new paleo recipes as I discover them.

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