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Creamy vegetarian curry made ‘from scratch’

I made up this vegetarian curry ‘from scratch’ using the spices we had in the cupboard. You can use curry powder if you prefer, but this was easy enough to put together if you don’t have any to hand. Enjoy!

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Spicy Fish Curry

Probably my favourite dinner at the moment…

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Coconut Rice

A recipe from the SBS Food Safari.

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Beef Stroganoff

Nice winter comfort food…

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Tandoori chicken and rice

An easy and tasty Indian recipe…
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Fish stew

An easy and delicious fish stew. Great served over rice.

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Leek and mushroom risotto

One of my favourite meals. The trick with risotto is to add the stock slowly and constantly stir it so the rice absorbs the flavours of the ingredients. Definitely worth the effort!

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